Rebel Warrior

I'm here to teach you a lesson
I'm here to torture your soul
I'm the itch in your side that's got out of control
'Gonna prey on your conscience
You'll be praying for forgiveness
Seen all the evidence
No longer need a witness
So take my word man
Here's my sentence
One hundred thousand years of repentance.
One hundred thousand years of repentance.
Check my anger, it's real
Ain't no token
I'll be satisfied only when your back's been broken
It's my burning ambition to burn down your empire
Man I'll be building you a funeral pyre
The fire in my eyes
If looks coulda kill
I won't be satisfied untill I've had my fill.

Pulsad play en el reproductor de la columna justo a la derecha y moved un poco el esqueleto. ¡Que estamos a viernes, leñe!

3 comentarios:

Felideus dijo...

Un tema muy guapo ¿Asian dub foundation?

Juanma Sincriterio dijo...

¡Premio para el felino caballero!

escritor1 dijo...

¡Oh yeaaaah!